New normal for fast food chains in china


The new normal for many fast food restaurants in china is looking ahead of the whole world. Here are a few instances of what has been happening in China right now:

KFC is now doing standard temperature customer check. As for Giant ordering screen in several fast food chains, customers are requested to either place their orders from their smart phones to avoid touching the surface, or type the order in and as soon as the customer steps away, an employee comes in and disinfects the whole screen. Some stores like Starbucks for example are keeping people away from gathering and only taking orders.

CEO of IBM in China called this the new normal, stating that the best way to deal with the issue is to stay calm and protect ourselves, there’s not much more that can currently take place.

As for the process of delivery service in china at the moment, here is what it looks like:

Once your delivery has arrived, the delivery person steps away from the vehicle or bike and tells you when you can step in to come and grab your order. As soon as you get your order, you’ll notice on your receipt a little card that has a rating, the temperature rating with the person who prepared your food and the temperature of the person who delivered your food. This has already started in China right now, and it is most likely for the whole world to witness such a procedure, sooner than expected.



By: Lana Fadel

Picture source:

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