Lebanon gradually lifting the lock-down


Lebanon has been on a proper lockdown for a good two months now, with restaurants being closed, curfews being enforced and several measures adopted for the purpose of minimizing the spread of the virus; which Lebanon has been able to control.

The Lebanese government has declared that as of the week of May 5, businesses in Lebanon shall be able to resume their business operations. However, that does not mean that Lebanon is back to the usual norm. Here’s an overview of what to expect in the weeks ahead:

  • Government facilities, businesses such as restaurants, barber shops, outdoor stadiums, government facilities, hotels and factories may resume their operation as of May 5
  • As of May 11, Nurseries as well as Casino du Liban shall re-open
  • As of May 25, Universities shall open. As for schools, only International Baccalaureate classes shall resume. Shopping center are expected to re-open as well.
  • June 8 is set to be the date when life can go back to normal such as all schools re-opening, traveling will be allowed, gyms and beaches and nightclubs.

That being said, as Lebanon has began the lifting of the lockdown, every store is setting their own policies and procedures to play safe. Here’s an instance of an adopted policy:

A well-known restaurant in Lebanon, has declared that they will be following the social distancing policy in their restaurants (with tables being 2m away from each other) and hand sanitizers will be provided on each table and all staff member to remain fully equipped with gloves and masks and 1m away from any customer. Ques are to be prevented for a while. This procedure will be most likely be witnessed in several restaurants, brining a new normal to our social life.



By: Lana Fadel

Picture source: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/coronavirus-covid-19-cross-yellow-tape-background_7464832.htm#page=1&query=lockdown&position=0


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