Lebanon hosts first International Feminist Festival in the Middle East


In cooperation with Institut Francais du Liban, Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center launched its feminist festival which took place for three consecutive days on the 27th of February at Beit Beirut.

The event covered a variety of films, performances, as well as workshops around the topic of the rise of feminism in recent years, particularly in the Middle East. Although women in the Arab world have been witnessing progress regarding women’s rights, all Arab countries including Lebanon still have a long way to go. The Lebanese French Ambassador-Bruno Foucher who initiated the event, stressed on the importance of spreading awareness on women’s basic rights as it comes as a form of a duty.

In an interview with The Daily Star, Véronique Aulagnon, director of the Institut du Français du Liban stated that “One of the main sources of inspiration came from the thawra” which helped push the feminist movement.

It is honoring to see Lebanese women and men collectively work together to shed on light on topics as significant as discrimination and injustice as it is only a human obligation and not just a pleasant task.

By: Lana Fadel

Picture source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B81kSoBJ-rt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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