Who can be indicted by Special Tribunal for Lebanon?


This video helps you understand Who can be indicted by Special Tribunal for Lebanon. By Daniel A. Bellemare, former Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

What is CONFLICT OF LAWS? What does CONFLICT OF LAWS mean? CONFLICT OF LAWS meaning & explanation


Conflict of laws or private international law (both terms are used interchangeably) concerns relations across different legal jurisdictions between persons, and sometimes also companies, corporations and other legal entities.

How to nail your presentation


Every student in university is asked at least a couple of times in his/her educational journey to prepare a power point presentation and present to a class, group or even audience. Every student tends to feel somewhat nervous as students are usually caught up in between what the presentation should ...

Intro to Law: Basic Concepts and Definitions


This video covers various introductory concepts and definitions having to do with the legal system in Canada.

What is the difference between civil cases and criminal cases?


Learn the difference between civil cases and criminal cases.

What is Difference Between Court & Tribunal?


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Common Law v. Civil Law


This video will help you understand the difference between common law and civil law. It focuses on 3 differences that are considered to be the most important listed on the table. Please keep in mind that there are other differences too.