The impact of the Lebanese crisis on mental health


Lebanon is a country that has witnessed several downfalls, be it due to grievous wars, national security threats or economic disruptions, Lebanon has always been known for being a resilient country hopeful for a better future. This is widely known especially within the Lebanese community, as the Lebanese population is well recognized for its social living. However, the recent economic crisis that Lebanon has been hit with has left the country disheartened, resulting in alarming mental health issues that should not remain unnoticed.

The economic crisis is an event that affects every age category. The youth is in despair, looking for ways to flee the country and look after his/her future. Individuals who once upon a time had stable jobs and have now lost most of their salary value or the ones who have lost their life savings. The list goes on. Even individuals who are not directly affected by the economic crisis have started to feel demoralized and dispirited from the situation around them; all impacting their mental health, without even realizing it.

That being said, as it is normal for everyone to be feeling this way at the moment, it is also important that everyone understands that no economic crisis remains light free. In fact, crisis can be necessary in order to get back up, stress on the wrongful acts of the past and analyze how to do things better in the future. Never let a crisis go to waste.

Talk about how you’re feeling and don’t let your thoughts affect your actions. You are not alone in this! We will all look back at this crisis one day and say “remember when this happened? But we survived it!”

This too shall pass, don’t quit yet, not on Lebanon, not on yourself.


By: Lana Fadel

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