Leadership as a strong foundation for innovation- Recommendations for future jurists


For innovation, leadership is key. The innovative enterprise and the innovative industry have creativity in leadership. Large legal enterprises do not act typically democratic or can be categorized as a premise where people aren’t really motivated to try new things.

Research shows that fresh lawyers looking to innovate are enthusiastically joining small firms where they can find like-minded colleagues rather than bigger enterprises that lead to dangerous and potentially misleading signposts, thus proving the point that if the management doesn’t trust innovation culture and enhance diversity, new lawyers tend shall disdain the enterprise trust.

Innovation isn’t about using future technology; it’s about realizing where we truly stand as we have to add the component of art in which to make a wise choice for the future of technology and bringing in new ways and ideas that would drive innovation into the system.

Instead of using the traditional chronology methods to find and approve the ideas, meanwhile that approval process could be spread across the whole organization.

What law firms must understand is that through the correct use of current technology today, we are actually preparing and building ourselves for the technology in the near future by facing extreme challenge as we must meet the growing demand, and begin the process of converting to more efficient, secure in ethical methods.

Consider it as a stairway, we cannot miss a staircase and jump into the future and get involved in the future technology without truly having knowledge about the current one.


By: Lana Fadel

Picture source: https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/innovation-energy-creative-thinking-businessman-holding-light-light-bulb-glowing-lighting-with-connection-human-body-power-life_5385585.htm#page=1&query=innovation&position=3

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