Lebanese University students call for Fairness


It has been decided by Dr. Tarek Al-Majzoub, the Lebanese Minister of Education that both brevet and baccalaureate official exams shall be cancelled for the year of 2020 and students will rather be evaluated by way of their submitted homework, presentation and assignments. This was agreed upon most schools and universities across Lebanon. However, students of the Lebanese University (LU) were left under a different decision. LU university has taken the decision to bring back its students to university in June, particularly the ones who could not attend online classes. Additionally, students were told that they shall undergo their final exams at the university.

Ever since, students of the Lebanese University have been expressing their aggressive opinion through social media under the title: “Our health is more important than your decision.”

A petition has been going around regarding the cancellation of their exams and the president of the Lebanese University, Fouad Ayoub has been addressed through a letter sent on behalf of the students expressing their thoughts on the matter and their complete rejection regarding resuming their attendance at the university.


By: Lana Fadel

Picture source: https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/silhouette-group-people-raised-fist-signs-protest-flat-icon-design-red-color-background_6133829.htm#page=1&query=strike&position=10

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