Netflix being advised to slow down streaming quality amid corona-virus pandemic


According to CNN Business, The European Union has advised Netflix-the most popular series platform, to slow down their streaming by ways such as enable streaming in high definition in order to prevent a malfunction in the internet, or as CNN has called it “prevent the internet from breaking”. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic which has resulted in people all around the world to remain home under quarantine, leaving them to spend long hours on the internet and essentially streaming videos from Netflix.

The European Union’s concern is not only caused by Netflix, but it is due to people shifting to working remotely, students studying from home, home workouts and all other daily activities conducted on an everyday basis have now turned into streaming tools; emerging concerns on the huge internet strain worldwide.

Netflix has in fact commented on the issue stating that they have already adjusted the quality of the streaming to limit the consumption, but the extent to which the internet can handle this traffic on the long run is unknown.

By: Lana Fadel

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