Lebanon on lockdown due to the coronavirus


The Lebanese president declared yesterday that Lebanon is now in a state of health emergency, as the number of coronavirus cases have risen to 99, enforcing new measures on all Lebanese. Prime Minister Hassan Diab proclaimed the state of Lebanon under general mobilization, leading to the closure of the airport, land borders, and seaports, which shall close from March 18 to March 29 in an effort to combat the spread of the virus. Banks were said to be exempted from those measures; however, the decision was revoked. Banks shall remain closed until March 29 as well and they shall coordinate with monetary authorities to take the necessary procedures during that period. All restaurants, cafe’s and gyms to remain shut until further notice.

Those measures were taken by the Lebanese government strictly to stress on how important it is for all citizens to remain home on a lockdown until the coronavirus has been contained.

By: Lana Fadel

Source picture: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/male-lawyer-s-hand-holding-document-desk-courtroom_3100519.htm#query=government%20decision&position=2

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