Lebanon Suspends All Judicial Hearings due to Coronavirus


Lebanon has been facing the outbreak of the coronavirus ever since a number of individuals left to visit Iran and came back to Lebanon testing positive. However, Lebanese felt that the issue was still somehow under control until the Ministry of Health, Hassan Ali Hamad, declared that Lebanon has now officially entered a “propagation” state. In other words, the coronavirus does not seem to be controllable anymore as the number of diagnosed individuals is on the rise.

This resulted in the Lebanese authorities to reconsider new preventative measures enforced on the general public, such as:

  • Schools shall remain closed for another week
  • Closure of all institutions which may contain a lot of people in one area
  • Nightclubs and pubs to shut down until March 15

However, the above decision does not apply to restaurants, at least not yet.

In light of those decisions enforced by Lebanese authorities, the Ministry of Justice played its role as well in implementing the decision to suspend all judicial hearing in all courts and tribunals until March 13.

By: Lana Fadel

Picture Source: https://www.lebanese-forces.com/2017/03/14/justice-116/

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