How to become an intellectual property expert


This workshop is presented to you by the expert Attorney Malek Hannouf Head of Intellectual Property department for Louis Vuitton for the MENA region. He will be sharing with you his experience as well as key tips and tricks to on:

- What are the duties of an intellectual property expert?

- What is the impact of an intellectual property expert on a company?

- The future of intellectual property 

- How to join international companies?

- The advantages for working in international companies

- How to shift form legal practice to in-house?

- How to become an intellectual property Expert?

Also During this webinar we have a surprise opportunity that will open up ONLY for the attendees of this webinar! And a certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of this webinar. You don't want to miss this!

Register Now places are LIMITED!!(in the Link below)

Webinar DATE: 28 April 2021 - 9:00PM till 10:00PM

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